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The Broadway Bridge spans the Harlem River and /font>connects Broadway at the very Northern tip of Manhattan to the Bronx, at W 220th Street in Manhattan with W 225th Street in the Bronx. It is a short flat bridge with no steep hills, or exit and entry gates. It is open to pedestrians and bikes 24 hours a day and functions almost like a street.

Parallel to the Henry Hudson Bridge, the Broadway Bridge was constructed in the early 1890s for $13.4 million and underwent a number of renovations and variations. The current Double Deck structure was installed in 1960. It’s a Vertical Lift type bridge that has an upper and lower level. The upper level carries three tracks of the IRT subway. The lower level has a five-lane two-way roadway with sidewalks on either side.

Some key facts about the Broadway Bridge:

  • Swing bridge with 4 lanes spanning 304 ft
  • Total length: 558 ft
  • In 2007, the Broadway Bridge Bridge carried 18,500 vehicles into Manhattan and 17,000 out of Manhattan daily.

In 2010 the two bike legends, Caleb Rogers from England and Erik Van Loon from The Netherlands drove for the first time in history on their bicycle the 13.6 miles from Marble Hill to South Ferry over Broadway in less then 40 minutes.

The Battle Of The Giants

The Battle Of The Giants

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